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Grace Company has served the Petro-Chemical industry with high quality workmanship for over 17 years. Today, we work diligently to meet the special needs of all our valued customers.


Extrusions are preferred because of uniform smooth cross section transition by extrusion, instead of sharp edges in weldolets, the condition of mechanism and media flow is optimized, lowers stress concentration, retards cyclic fatiguing and thermo stress, and reduces the flow turbulence. The extrusion outlets provide butt weld and allow the full radiographic inspection applicable...


Thermowells are tubular fittings used to protect temperature sensors installed in industrial processes. Grace thermowells are made from alloys designed for severe high temperature environments. The cast alloy 6 tips are used to strength the high temperature corrosion resistance...

Parts and Components for Petro-Chem

We offer various parts and components for the Petro-Chemical industries. These parts include:

  • - FCC injection inserts
  • - Ferrules for heat exchangers
  • - Reinforcing pads
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High Quality Fabrication

Fabrication is the process in which machine parts are developed using steel, other metals, and raw materials. We use precision fine machining and high alloy welding to produce high quality results...

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