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We are a USA-based manufacturer of high-quality custom metal fabrication,
providing over 17 years of engineering expertise.

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Specializing in metal fabrication and advanced alloys!

Grace Company provides custom metal fabrication. We specialize in fabricating advanced alloys such as stainless, nickel, inconel, incoloy, hastelloy, monel and titanium. Our team of fabricators has been building projects for our customers. We are a company with 17 year experiences. With very strong engineering power, 2 Professional engineers and 5 mechanical and electrical engineers, we've completed some of the most complicated projects in the Oil & Gas, Petro/Chemical Refining and Energy Production industries. As a metal fabrication manufacturer, Grace Company prides itself on being able to supply high quality raw materials (such as steel) for the making of machines and other technological advanced devices. Our quality distinguishes us from the competition, which makes our clients happy to return for service.


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