We are Grace Instrument Company, a manufacturer of analytical instruments. We offer a comprehensive product range in the fields of rheology and viscometry, cement measurement, and core analysis testing.

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Grace Instrument Company was founded in the year 2000, predominantly serving businesses in the oil and gas industry. Today, with over 17 years of experience manufacturing and specializing in instrument technology, our products can be found in research institutions and laboratories worldwide.

Grace Instrument Company is dedicated to helping our customers move their own businesses forward by removing the search for high quality, reliable products. We offer an ever-growing selection of newly patented, high-technology solutions that can increase performance and productivity. Most importantly, all of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. and engineered to meet today's challenging demands.

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Viscometry & Rheology Testing - Our instruments are designed, built, and tested with the customer in mind. These instruments are extremely durable and capable of withstanding rigorous testing conditions even in the most harsh environments.

  • Cement Measurement Testing - For cement testing, we provide quality equipment that tests the various physical properties of cement slurry while the slurry is subjected to downhole conditions of temperature and pressure.

  • Core Analysis & Stimulation Testing - We also offer a wide range core flow & stimulation testers (as a part of the customizable M9000 series) to precisely measure a variety of testing fluids, a key parameters for most of our customers.