M2200 HP/HT Lubricity, Dynamic Filtration, & Drilling Simulator

  • Height: 27.5 in.
  • Width: 18 in.
  • Depth: 21 in.
  • Weight: 250 lbs
  • Max Pressure: 2,000 psi | Max Temp: 500°F
  • U.S. Patent: 9,194,784

HPHT Lubricity, Filtration, & Drilling Simulation Multifunction Tester
The M2200 HPHT Lubricity, Dynamic Filtration, and Drilling Simulator provides multiple test functions in one compact unit, offering a computer controlled test environment which can realistically simulate high pressure high temperature downhole conditions while allowing the user to perform multiple test functions, saving money, training and research time, and the laboratory space that multiple test devices would otherwise require. The M2200 is also fully compliant with API 13.

Real HPHT Dynamic Lubricity Testing
The M2200 is the only HPHT lubricity tester currently available in the USA that is designed for evaluating dynamic lubricity performance on different types of drilling fluid, such as oil based drilling fluid, water based drilling fluid, synthetic based drilling fluid and all oil based drilling fluid, at high pressure and high temperature reservoir conditions that are completely user-controlled. Besides, chemical additives can be blended into the drilling fluid to evaluate the change in the lubricity performance.

Differential Sticking Test
A differential sticking test can be performed whereafter the filter cake has been deposited, the load is applied and then the rubbing shoe is rotated. The torque required to move the rubbing shoe is measured.

Dynamic HPHT Filtration Test
The M2200 includes a pressurized, temperature-controlled environment containing a filtrate medium which realistically simulates a downhole well bore. It is available in a variety of porosities and permeabilities to simulate reservoir formations. When the simulation chamber is filled with drilling fluid under either static condition or re-circulation condition, a shear bob simulates the drilling string centrally or off-centrally rotating inside of the filtrate medium to produce a shear inside of the filtrate medium. The filter cake deposit becomes visible on the interior of the filtrate medium as the fluid is sheared, and the resulting build-up can be examined following the completion of the test. An optional mud circulation pump is available at reduced temperature and pressure conditions.

Particle Plugging Test
Lost circulation is the uncontrolled flow of whole drilling fluid into a formation with no return to surface, especially within those formations that are inherently fractured, cavenous, or have high permeability. Lost circulation also occurs when improper drilling operations damage the mud cake as drilling fluid invades and further damages the formation.

The M2200 includes a specialized filtrate medium with an artificial fissure that can be used to perform particle plugging tests, which determine the effectiveness of additives to help prevent lost circulation in the filtrate medium. Particle plugging tests also determine the effectiveness of bridging materials. M2200 simulates an off-centric drilling string rotating and damaging the filter cake, and thus, measures the performance of bridging materials on improvement of fluid loss.

Real HPHT Drilling Simulation System
The M2200 can be also used to simulate drilling operations and optimize mud systems to reduce overall drilling costs. The M2200 hardware includes an ultra-realistic well-bore simulation chamber, which allows the user to test the penetration rate on actual core samples using a real drill bit. The core sample options can be different types, such as sandstone, limestone, ceramic, etc., allowing the user to select for the matching rock parameters of the reservoir to be drilled. The penetration rate is measured through linear tranducers. The pressure and temperature of the simulation chamber are controlled by custom M2200 PC software, which monitors and records test results in real time. Filtration during the drilling process is measured and recorded as well.

The instrument also includes custom software called M2200 PC, which gives the user the ability to create test sequences with multiple testing parameters.

Sticking Tester
Dynamic HPHT
Filtration Tester
Particle Plugging
U.S. Patent Number: 9,194,784
Dimensions: 27.5" H x 18" W x 21" D
Weight: 250 lbs
Temperature Range: Amb. to 500 °F
Working Pressure: 2,000 psi
Max Load (Normal) Force: 600 lbs
Max Power Requirement: 1,800 watts
Heater Power: 1,200 watts
Power Supply: 120/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Sample Volume: 400 mL
Max Filtrate Volume: 50 mL
Shear Bob Speed: 0 to 2,000 rpm
Compliance Standards: Fully compliant with API 13B
Max Torque:
120 lb./in.
(14 N.m)
Max Differential Pressure:
Determined by core strength
Max Differential Pressure:
Determined by core strength
Max Differential Pressure:
500+ psi (or determined by core strength)
Coefficient of Friction (COF) Accuracy:
± 0.01 (particle fluids may experience high errors)
Max Penetration Depth:
0.8 in.
-- --
  • Innovative designed cooling jacket rapidly cools testing cell to quickly start next test.
  • New designed cell cap is interchangeable with older cells.
  • Innovative designed paddle assembly is durable for extensive testing and easy to maintain.
  • Heating jacket can be locked at 30° inclined angle for the easy installation and extraction of test cell.
  • Programmable temperature controller increases the cell temperature at desired rate.
  • Apparatus is in accordance with API Recommended Practice 10B-2.
  • Fully compliant with API 13B.
  • No need to transfer hot slurry.
  • Includes custom M2200 PC Software
Downloads for the M2200 Lubricity Dynamic Filtration Drilling Simulator:

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  1. The Role of Rock Permeability on Filtration and Mud Cake Evolution: Implications for Borehole Strengthening
    Quantify rock type and lithology effects on dynamic filtration, mud cake evolution and high pressure high temperature fluid loss test. M2200 has been used to characterize mud filtration behavior for different rock permeabilities.

  2. An Intergrated Analytical Workflow for Analyzing Wellbore Stress, Stability and Strengthening
    Present an integrated and analytical workflow, such as performing an integrated mud loss volume prediction based on different mechanism. M2200 has been used to do filtrate test and generate mud cake for property test.
    ARMA 15-82 American Rock Mechanics Association

  3. How does Rock Type and Lithology Affect Drilling Fluid’s Filtration and Plastering
    Highlight and justify the importance of lithology and rock type, on dynamic mud filtration and plastering. M2200 has been used to characterize dynamic drilling fluid filtration, for different lithologies, at specified experimental conditions.

  4. Evaluation of Measurement Techniques for Fluid Lubricity in the Laboratory
    Perform a comprehensive study on measurement techniques to evaluate lubricants and the lubricity of drilling fluids. M2200 has been used to perform dynamic lubricity test under varied experimental conditions.